Agipag – Agibank – UX-UI Design


This was a massive project there I led for HMDesign. Banco Agiplan is a Brazilian Bank with more than 1.5 million clients and Agipag is a payment method with some bank account functionalities to allow people to use their money to pay for products and services without needing a bank account.

I had the opportunity to conduct the design thinking process inside the Bank and with research with their client, my team was able to ideate and deliver this project that took six months.

With what was delivered, the client was able to increase their client base and increase the current client satisfaction massively. Also, the number of complaints about the app on the contact centre was reduced and the App Store review shows a great improvement to the customer relationship.

The HMDesign team was composed by Celso Junior, Rafael Rodrigues, Bruna De Angeli, Júlio Correa and Laykor Gross.