Pense Imóveis (real estate portal) – iOS8 – Android L and WP8 UI-UX


This is one of my biggest projects, a iOS8, Android L and WP8 app for Pense Imóveis, a real estate website. At Pense Imóveis as an Lead UI/UX Designer I had a big challenge: My main goal was increase the lead generation and traffic in the website, create the iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps so they could sell the company. I have achieved my goals increasing the lead generation in more than 400% comparing to the old website and the company was sold to Grupo Globo in one of the top ten sales in internet business on Brazil’s history.

The usability tests was one of the greatest moments in this project. I had my impressions about the website, but with the usability tests i was able to see those things working (or not) in real time with real users. they had a great usability room with computers, cameras and a lot of things and software, but nobody used this room before. I was able to see and show to my team and my leaders what we have to do to achieve better conversions.